The Social and Environmental Benefits of UK Short Term Car Insurance

Lending in a friend or relative your car is a friendly thing to do. Times are tough economically and not everyone can afford their own car. Thus it can be a real help to borrow a car from a friend or family member. One issue that always comes up when lending a vehicle to someone, however, is insurance. Ordinary insurance policies often have all sorts of restrictions concerning who is allowed to be driving a vehicle when an accident occurs in order for damages to be paid. The worst case scenario is that you lend you car to a friend, he gets into a serious accident incurring damage to the vehicle, and your insurance doesn’t cover it. This UK short term car insurance helps prevent situations like this, and in so doing it encourages people to lend each other their vehicles more often. Very short and inexpensive policies can be bought quickly insuring the temporary driver (namely your friend or family member) and thus there are no worries as to what will happen should an accident occur. And should the shoe be on the other foot at a later time, so to speak, it is easy for your friend to return the favour and lend you his or her car.

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A common situation when people lend each other their cars is when somebody, perhaps a friend from long ago or a distant relative, comes to visit from a distant location. This individual may be staying for an extended period and want to borrow the primary car or an extra car that person they are visiting owns. Perhaps they plan to sightsee in surrounding areas, visit a hotel, or take care of some kind of business. Lending the car to this friend of relative could make for a much more fun and productive trip. Insuring the car for a few days or weeks in the visiting friend or relative’s name would make this much easier. It would thus encourage these visits to take place.

Even for shorter term visiting and socializing, the ability to share vehicles more easily leads to increased interaction. As an example, if your friend is coming over and you plan to go out to a pub, but the only available vehicle belongs to your friend who lives in the flat next door, you can borrow his vehicle and purchase temporary insurance for just a 24 hour period. He is much more likely to lend you he is vehicle if he knows there is no appreciable financial risk involved in doing so.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of the UK short term car insurance is something to consider as well. The overall net effect of the ease with which people can get temporary insurance is to make lending and sharing cars easier. This cuts down on fuel consumption which always has a positive environmental effect. Conservation of fossil fuels is a good direction in a world where oil is being rapidly used up. If short term car insurance were not available people would be more apt to buy their own vehicles rather than borrow them. The total amount of fuel used, as well as the exhaust pollution produced by driving, would be greater if this trend got going. Thankfully short term car insurance sets up a different trend in which more people will be driving fewer cars. Both fuel consumption and pollution are thus reduced by this industry. This is an excellent overall direction.